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My Dogging Fantasy

I’ve lived in Norfolk for most of my life…. sleepy YES, hence, why I joined Swingers Hangout because I LOVE sex outdoors and have had some wild hookups with guys although nothing as crazy as this dream sex fantasy I had.


Yes, it’s not true, not sure any Norfolk dogging woman would do this, least this one wouldn’t as I’ve never been dogging without knowing the person I’m meeting either from chatting online and then on the phone.


I was supposed to meet some girlfriends. I jumped on the train and getting there was a bit surprised when getting off, no friends, then looking at the date again realized I got it wrong, it was the next weekend!


I didn’t want to waste the trip plus I was all dressed up wearing a short skirt that only just covered my ass so headed into a few bars…A few hours later and many G&T’s I walked out and when heading to the train station couldn’t find my ticket!!

Fucked Stranger Woods

This guy walked over to me asking what the problem was, he was younger than me, looked around 30, not bad looking and was quite polite, which is something you don’t see much these days. So, I explained about losing my ticket.


He told me that I could “earn” my train ride home as he knew about a dogging location and some girls went there charging guys for sex and normally there was a few cars waiting either to meet females dogging or see if anything was offered.


Maybe it was the G&T’s or the fact I love SEX outdoors I agreed to go along with him and got in his car. When getting in his eyes were all over my legs as the skirt rode upwards showing a lot of flesh. When we got there some cars were parked up, wanna give it a go then

Charging For Dogging Sex

Getting out I did my best slutty walk past the cars with my skirt high enough you could almost see my bottom cheeks, so the guys would know why I was there and slowly walked towards this black car. Inside was a guy with his cock out wanking and his window went down, but he said he was waiting for guys….his fucking loss.


Getting to the next I could see 2 guys, and did wonder if not a couple of guys wanking each other off, but when I got to the window he opened, and I asked if he want some fun…it was then I told him I charge its 50 for oral 100 for anything, but not anal.


Does your friend want to join for 100.00, with that they both got out. One guy wanted oral the other to fuck me, but both at the same time. So bending over the guy got his cock out and was already hard and moved forward to start sucking his cock.


He didn’t have a big cock and was able to take him fully back, as I was doing this the other guy comes up behind me lifts my skirt up and pulling my knickers to one side and I could feel his cock against my pussy lips as he started to fuck me

Whore Dogging Norfolk

I was really loving being treated like a whore and as I was sucking the guy off the other two car doors opened and 2 other guys walked over and was standing watching. The guy fucking me was pounding hard into pussy making my head bang against the other guy as I was sucking him, but this didn’t bother him as he soon came into my mouth.


Then a few strokes later the other guy shot his load inside me. The other guys moved forward, and I told them if they wanted the same how much and they paid up and I started again. I made more than enough for my train home and when back I crashed out being well fucked…


What a crazy dream that was and whilst I would never do anything like that I’ve sucked and been fucked by guys at dogging sites, but prearranged meets via the message board… Still fun dream

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