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Pissing In Public

I joined the site because recently I got divorced and I didn’t want a relationship but just some fun…and that’s when I met Maggie on the site. She’s 49 but looks more like 30 and fucks like a 30-year-old!


She really opened my eyes sexually and we have tried most things, and recenlty I found myself getting really turned on watching her piss. She would pull her lips apart and piss so that I could watch her and afterwards we would fuck like crazy.


Something we had never tried, least until now was public sex, either letting others watch or dogging….that all change on the way home one afternoon and driving along the A120 back to Colchester. I’ve posted some photo’s and we are looking for others to watch as it turned us both on having a voyeur there, not sure I want to share yet, but happy to let others watch

Colchester Public Sex  

This happened on a layby on the A120 to Colchester Road in the middle of the day! We had been driving for some hours as we were returning home after a long weekend away and needed to stretch our legs. Maggie suggested we pulled into a layby that was shortly ahead so pulling in we parked up.


Getting out no one was around with a little wood next to the layby, Maggie said she needed to pee..” wanna watch me” I didn’t need to be asked twice. We walked in and one quick look around and Maggie pulled her knickers off, putting them on a bush and pulled her skirt up.


It took no time before she was pissing all over the floor and I was loving seeing her piss in public, she noticed that I was more interested in her pissing than me and turning around towards me moved her hand down and pulling her lips apart so I could get a better view.

Public Pissing Hookups

She finished pissing and could see I was more than ready for extra fun and walking over got to her knees and start sucking my cock…I was loving it getting sucked in public and was just getting into the flow of her head fucking my cock when I saw this guy watching us.


Tapping Maggie on the head she looked over seeing the guy, smiled towards me and carried on sucking, clearly not bothered by our voyeur watching us having sex in public and I wondered if he watched Maggie pissing as well !


Maggie stopped sucking and moved over to a tree and pulled her dress up “come on fuck me with him watching us” I didn’t need to be asked twice and coming up behind her slipped my cock all the way in and started fucking her.

Colchester Fuck in Public

I was fucking her so hard, Maggie was clearly loving the idea of someone watching us having public sex and was now even closer and could see him also wanking off. I was pounding her pussy and knew she was near to cumming and quickly she came.


She turned around squatting down and her legs open wide fingering herself whilst sucking my cock “cum in my mouth I want to drink all your sweet milk” Sucking me she was taking me down fully and it took no time before she was taking back every drop of cum I had.


Standing up she reached over and took her knickers rubbing her pussy juices and cleaning her face with my cum. She then placed them back on the bush and we walked away, looking back they were soon gone along with our voyeur …. would love to do this again, want to meet?

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