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You want to meet either singles or couples at UK public sex sites? You’ve probably looked on Google and searched for “Dogging locations near Me” and you may have found some that look interesting, least at first.


Its only when you head along for a daytime checkout that either dogging location is closed or in some cases due to overuse video cameras installed to monitor 247… or buildings that were used have gone.


The simple fact is that when searching for Dogging locations, more so near you, its no longer about searching out and finding sites on Google, but it’s about asking the people that are using locations and where they go!

Dogging Sites

The only place to find this information is via a member only site, which you can try out for FREE, more on that below. Once inside it’s not really a case of how to meet but more so when due to popularity of dogging hookups.


As a member you will have access to loads of great features to help you find dogging contacts such as


:- View Dogging contacts online that are online NOW
:- Searching locations using Dogging terms
:- Access members by distance from you
:- Searching by couples or singles seeking Dogging hookups.


By using the keywords and distance this will display all the members that are local looking for meets right now. Then its just a case of sending messages and arranging to meet up

Prearranged Dogging

When sending messages this gives you a chance to talk about places to meet up, swap car details, maybe more photos, and exchange codes / signals when you turn up so you know the car you are walking to has the members you’ve been chatting with.


It does take away all the guess work of Dogging as you know what the person or couple is looking for, you know just what they look like, and you won’t have any shocks depending on the type of meet


Want to see just what’s going on inside the members section? Join us and access personals, photos along with uploading your own advert. You can send messages plus many other features so you can try the site out fully. Join us TODAY for FREE..

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