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Newbie Dogging

I’ve been dating Debs for coming up to 6mths now and she’s been a bit of a wild one game for just about ANYTHING and one night after a few drinks we started watching some Dogging porn, with a girl getting fucked in public. She then suggested we tried it, I didn’t need to ask twice after sucking my balls dry.


It was a warm night so I suggested we give it a go so she headed upstairs and got a loose sexy summer dress with buttons all down the front and basically had a fuck me look, so we headed to this local park as some friend told me sometimes couples are around fucking.


We found a place that was private enough but still had some passes by and straight away we had a few guys checking us out, but we weren’t ready, least not yet. I brought along a large blanket and placed it against an old tree we sat down with our backs against it.

Flashing In Public

I got Debs to pull her legs up and slightly open giving anyone walking past a clear view of her knickers that were now transparent due to being soaking wet with her juices. By now my hand was resting on her pussy stroking her when his guy walks past close and bends down pretending to tie his shoelace, but had a long look up her legs and whilst looking I pulled her knickers to one side showing her wet pussy.


He moved closer and getting between Debs legs she spread them much wider and taking one quick look around moved his hand up between her legs and straight onto her wet pussy rubbing his fingers making her groan out in pleasure.


He pushed two fingers into her slowly starting to finger fuck and with her eyes closed and legs now spread wide open enjoying the attention of his fingers now deep inside her. I opened fully her dress, so she was almost naked getting fingered by some stranger in the park

Fucked Outside

I was teasing and pinching her nipples and she was now moaning away without a care that we were in public having sex, then the guy pulled down her knickers down all the way off and moved back in teasing her clit.


Rubbing her clit she was groaning out and knew she was soon going to cum and with that shortly afterwards gushed out, pulling his fingers they were covered in her juices as he licked them clean, then moved his head between her legs licking her cunt, sucking her and she quickly came again.


Looking down the guy had his cock out so turning Deb’s over she opened my shorts pulling my hard cock out started sucking me as I encourage him to fuck her as she now had her ass in the air.


He didn’t need asking twice as he moved up behind her pulling her dress up and moving up behind her and pushed his cock deep into Deb’s starting to fuck her. We now had another guy watching from a distance and wanking which turned Deb’s on even more and she was pushing backwards hard getting well fucked whilst sucking me off.


The guy didn’t last long and soon came inside her and shortly afterwards I filled her mouth with cum making sure she swallowed every drop. Afterwards we all sat back on the blanket and chatted and arranged to meet up for a threesome back at ours later that week.


That was start of our dogging although now meet via the site to find better more private places to meet

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