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First Bi Experience

I remember my first bi experience well, I was living in Gosport and reading the graffiti on the toilet walls that got my interest. I pretty sure I’ve always been bisexual but reading messages from guys asking about meets got me turned on and started to wank in the cubicle thinking about what it would be like to meet a guy.


It was one of those nights when I went into a toilet and discovered a gloryhole! I knew what they were I’d looked at enough gay porn to know wat goes on, but I had never gone into a toilet that had one. Sitting back, I waited….and waited and no one came in so standing up I left and just as I left this guy walked in and went straight into the cubicle… fuck what should I do, would it look too obvious if I turned around and walked into the next one…fuck it I did.


Walking in and sitting down I didn’t know what was expected, the hole was only small and sitting down I dropped my trousers and leaning forward looked…at first nothing, then a cock and guy standing there wanking… I was watching him and started wanking myself. I could then see he was looking through at me wanking.

First Sucking Guys Cock

It was then a small piece of paper was passed under. With little more than “what are you into?” A few seconds later the pen was passed through the whole…wondering what to write…I put “oral and want you to cum in my mouth”


Then I heard the door open…just wondering what I should do I unlocked my door and standing there was this guy with his cock out…looking at him I moved forward and with him watching the main entrance I got to my knees and started sucking him off in a toilet.


I was clearly pleasing him as he was pushing his cock hard into my mouth and whilst I couldn’t take all I was doing my best to please sucking and licking his cock. I could feel him tensing up and knew he was going to cum and just wondered what his cum would taste like.


I didn’t have to wonder much longer as he came into my mouth, at first it made me gag a little feeling his cum hitting the back of my throat, but I didn’t pull back and swallowed all his cum and as he pulled away licked the end of his cock to get every drop.

Wanted More

He left shortly afterwards and stepping back into the cubicle I wanked off still with the taste of him in my mouth… Since then, my cottaging and bi male dogging days have stopped, mostly because I nearly got caught one day which scared the shit out of me.


I later joined the site and have meet a few guys and even had one guy pop my cherry as he wanted to fuck me… I still date women, but I’ve accepted the fact I’m 100% bi and whilst not into the kissing side with guys love sucking cock and getting fucked, just now I do it at there or we set up a private location

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