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Dogging Stories, just what happens when a single guy, girl or couple head out to a UK dogging location for sex in public, or as most know them dogging sites… Is just a case of walking up and getting your cock out? Or maybe the wife just flashing at a stranger?


Most have this pretty wild idea about the UK dogging scene and think its just a case of turning up and having sex with just about any random person that turns up, and whilst this used to be the case years ago things have changed a little now.


Its not so much the public locations as they are still around, its the way people make contacts along with sharing the locations, and by accessing Dogging stories you get pretty good insight.

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Whether you are new to dogging or wanting to start exploring again by reading stories gives you the real idea what happens when meeting for SEX in public places. Although by accessing photo personals above you can access ads and see just what’s on offer.


The free link will show all couples & singles and you can’t access stories from there which is why we have posted some here, but you will be able to view profiles, once a member you can filter this for Dogging contacts only.


The sample stories posted here are taken from the members blogs section, any locations that are posted will have locations and dates removed to keep dogging sites private…but they still make pretty hot reading and we have loads more waiting inside

Finding REAL Contacts

Whilst reading stories posted by Dogging contacts is horny what makes them extra special is being able to access the members personals advert and photos! From here you can read about the types of hookups they want and check out profile personal details like interests, sexual preference and more.


its then a simple case of sending a message using the free email account and start chatting, hopefully leading towards meeting at a local dogging site

Dogging Blogs

The sample stories posted here are taken from the members blogs section where you can search out and access stories posted up. As the story is posted within a blog you can also make comments assuming the member left it open for feedback.


As we offer a FREE membership you can access these stories plus loads more such as posting your personals advert, photos, search out contacts plus send messages. The FREE membership is open for as long as you want so you can try out the site fully.

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