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I’ve been living in Dorset for a while as I moved here with a promotion from work. I’ve always enjoyed the dogging scene but was struggling to find local sites, at least ones that were being used.


I started looking on google and soon found that to be pointless so joined SH to hopefully hookup with females or couples. It didn’t take me long before I was sending messages out and started chatting with this VERY horny mature woman called Donna that whilst in her fifties looked more like thirties


She told me that she like meeting younger guys for sex in her campervan and told me about this large carpark on the edge of the New Forrest that’s private and we could meet up. So, a date was set

New Forrest Dogging

It was a dark night with little moonlight so perfect for getting up to some fun. I drove towards the location Donna told me about and getting into the car park it was very private as I nearly drove past. I could see this car parked up, but Donna told me she would be in her van.


Parking up I waited and within a few minutes I saw a van pulling into the carpark and knew straight away it was her. I waited for a little while so she could park up then got out of my car and walked over. My cock by now was rock hard pushing against my jeans.


Getting alongside the van I could see her in the mirror and heard the doors being unlocked, so opened the door and got into the passenger side and Donna put the lights on low so we could see each other

Soaked Knickers

We said “hi”, but it was a struggle to keep my eyes from looking up her summer dress that was open right up to her knickers and showing off her amazing figure and white knickers. She didn’t hold back and moving forward kissed me whilst moving her hand onto my jeans.


“Mmmmm I want to get that hard cock out” with that I opened my jeans and pulling down my cock flicked up and straight away Donna lowered her hear down onto my cock and sucked me balls deep…FUCK she was good.


With my hand on her head, I was pushing her deep and she wasn’t even gagging taking me fully back as I fucked her mouth hard. I reached over and slipping my fingers into her knickers found a smooth pussy that was soaked in her juices.


I pushed first one then another finger into her and started fingering her making her groan out and suck me harder and faster. I knew if I didn’t slow her down, she was going to get a mouthful of my cum, as I wanted to fuck her…pulling her head up “can we go to the back as I really want to fuck you” with that she smiled and moved to the back taking my hand

Fucked Milf Public

Getting into the back she wasted no time pulling her knickers off and bending over the small bed in the back with her dress pulled up “Fuck me NOW” Moving up behind her my cock was still out and I slipped deep inside her she didn’t care I had no rubber.


I started to fuck her deep and hard and she was pushing back groaning out so loud I was glad no one was around us to hear. I was pounding her pussy making the van shake “Fuck baby you are going to make me cum” and with a few more pushes she tensed up, body started to shake as she came hard “Give me your cock, I want you to cum in my mouth”


Pulling out she turned around and carried on fucking her mouth. It didn’t take me long before I started to cum and grabbing my arse she pulled my cock deep swallowing every drop of cum.


Afterwards we chatted a while and she told me she was married but her husband had no interest in sex anymore, plus she loved to fuck younger males. We arranged to meet up next time at a hotel room and it was a great night

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