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Weymouth First Cuckold

This happened, although at the time I was totally shocked by the way she treated me, humiliating me so that I could only listen at the door. Since then, we have meet other males and if I’m good I’m now allowed to watch straight away, only if I bring drinks.


We’ve been living in Weymouth for 3 years and my wife Deb has always been VERY active in the bedroom, and we have tried threesomes, couples and a few parties, but never cuckold until she watched a streaming porn film and it got her thinking.


We logged onto the site and changed our personals advert to “Dorset Cuckold hookups required” and almost straight away had a few messages from guys wanting to meet up, but considering Deb’s ticks every box of what a sexy MILF looks like I can understand why so many messages as she’s slim, small build and looks more like a twenty-year-old, and fucks like one! So she contacted this guy called mark and a night was set up

Humiliated Cuckold

We set up a night and Deb’s was dressed in a very sexy and short skirt, I had set the bedroom up with a chair so I could watch close by, but not too close. The door went and Deb’s shot out of the chair to open the door. I flowed close by…


Opening the door ha walked in, young, muscular build and shaved head, just the type of man I know Deb’s liked, he walked up to her giving her an especially long hug followed by passionate kiss and Deb’s didn’t hold back pushing herself tight against him.


It was when I saw Deb’s whispering something to him that I did wonder what was going on, but I shortly found out. I did think they would come into the front room for a drink and chat but clearly, he and Deb’s had other ideas as they wandered off towards the bedroom

Dominant Hotwife

I followed them and it was odd, it was almost like I wasn’t there, when we got to door Deb’s turns around and looking at me with a very cock sure ways tells me, “ you are not coming in, you can listen at the door if you like” with that they walked in and shut the door.


I was totally shocked, but also found it a turn on Deb’s being so dominant with me…so getting a chair I sat behind the door and listened intently. I could hear Deb’s muffled gasps then some loud moans and my imagination was flying away not knowing if she was fucking him, sucking him or he was just licking her pussy.


It was then the door opened “Go and fetch some beers and so long as you good you can sit in the corner, Mark (the guy) can’t stay long but will come back later, so hurry” I was shocked!! But still did as I was told heading off and bring back 2 beers

Cuckold Watching MILF

Sitting down Deb’s already looking hot and had the look of SEX already and wondered just what had been going on before they let me into the room. Looking over Deb’s moved towards him kissing her passionately like long lost lovers.


I could see that her knickers where on the floor, noticing this Deb’s turns towards me “ Get my knickers and sniff them, they are soaked with my juices from him fucking my mouth with his cock” reaching over her knickers so wet “sniff them” she orders as they are both watching me, I smelled her aroma, and it was so strong.


Mark then turns Deb’s around, so she is facing towards me, lifts her skirt and passing him a rubber he quickly slides it over his cock and then looking over towards me smiles pushing his hard cock deep into her and she started moaning out so loud and began fucking her hard..

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