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We’ve been in the Norfolk Swingers scene for some years trying all kinds of hookups from couples, threesomes, cuckold, bi, dogging in fact there’s probably nothing we haven’t tried and being both bi we get to explore all kinds of kinky things meeting with others that are liberated and sex isn’t about being male or female its about FUN…


It was coming up to a weekend and we didn’t have anything planned which was a change for us and being a Friday I thought I would have a lazy day as I wasn’t going into work today, although clearly my wife had other ideas that I would find out later about.


A little about my wife, she ticks every box you could think of when thinking of a Norfolk Hotwife!! Shes FUCKING horny, loves RP meets and sometimes enjoys treating me as her cuckold watching her with other men or women

Poppers, Lube & Butt Plugs  

My wife had to work, at least until midday so left a few instructions on cleaning the house, also saying that she may be back with a friend, so I was to be prepared and anything, sounded interesting and being prepared can mean so many different things to her.


I got in the shower, shaved then then reaching over to bedside cupboard got the lube and inserted a smallish butt plug, my wife left the cage out which means one thing “NO cumming” but I wanted a quick wank watching some porn…a hour later and a good few films when I get a message on WhatsApp saying will be home soon..


I was quickly making the bed and forgot I left the porn running on the TV when I hear the door opening with still lube, plugs of various sizes and poppers on the coffee table.. Plus now a large plug firmly locked into my ass, but still no cage .

Bi Hotwife

Upstairs I could hear that my wife had brought a friend back, and from the voice it was Tess a swinging couple we met from Hampshire, clearly up here for the weekend. I walk downstairs naked as its nothing Tess hasn’t seen before and meet them with semi hard cock..


My wife walks over and lifts my cock “limp I see, have you been wanking all morning you bad boy” and with that reaches round to my ass “you are plugged, where is the cage” and with that slaps my ass “now fix us both a G&T”.


Returning with the drinks Tess has stripped off to knickers and she’s between my wife’s legs licking her pussy I put the drink down, then sits back watching my wife having sex, reaching down I stroking my hard cock. Moving towards my wife I start teasing her nipples as still Tess is buried between her legs licking her pussy for all its worth.


Then Tess reaches over to me and putting her hands under my balls takes the butt plug and starts to fuck me with it, rubbing the plug in and out and pushing it hard into me. By now my wife is groaning out in pleasure and pulling her face hard against her pussy makes her cum with her tongue.

Ass Eating Cuckold

Pleased my wife stops me “get onto your knees I want you to please Tess with your tongue and make her cum” with this getting onto my knees I remove her knickers that are now soaked “Lick her knickers, clean with your tongue” Knowing my place I bring her knickers to my face licking all her juices then showing my wife to make sure she was happy.


“Good boy, now lick her ass and clean her ready for me” I move my head between her legs and licking her pussy first she tastes fucking amazing, then moving round to give me better access to her ass start licking and eating her out poking my tongue deep inside Tess with her taste, smell and I knew she was near to cumming “ good ass licker” make her cum for me

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