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What is it like being a cuckold husband, more so a sissy UK cuckold that’s now a play thing for my wife and her lovers…I started a cuckold, I’m now a servant to my dominant Hotwife for her to use anyway she or her lovers want…and if I’m honest I love it, but would never let my wife know this.


My path going down the sissy cuckold route wasn’t planned, in fact until my wife suggested us trying cuckold sex, I’d never even dreamed about or thought about watching my wife having sex with other men, let alone her dressing me in feminine outfits and making me lick some other guys cum from her pussy, and now treated like a women being fucked by guys.


Our cuckold lifestyle started as I’m sure like many with the hotwife wanting more sex and the husband not being able to perform due to either work stress or just being tied from a long day working, whilst the hotwife was looking at personal’s sites and lining men up that she wanted to fuck

Cuckold Forced SEX

After meeting a few males one night whilst getting well fucked reversed cowboy by this hung guy she told me to come over and lick her clit, I did as ordered and maybe then I should have read the writing on the wall, or the cum on her pussy. I was licking her clit making sure I didn’t touch the guys cock, which wasn’t easy.


That was the start of her interests in exploring my limits and how far she could push me, which so far shes not reached, one night whilst watching she called me over so I could see better, so moving my chair I got much nearer.


I was watching her so close as she was sucking a guys cock, come closer she ordered…She then insisted I helped her, getting very close I placed my tongue on his cock, and she was smiling as we both licked his cock, then pulling back she ordered me to suck him which I did…

Sissy Outfit

More often my services were being called to suck men with my wife, then one day she came home telling that a new man was coming round tonight and passed me a bag saying I needed to wear this and do as I was told.


Opening the bag inside was female clothing including knickers, bra, blouse, and short skirt, following her orders I got dressed and she looked at me smiling saying even my tiny cock looked bag inside the knickers. When the man came round clearly, he wasn’t shocked to see me dressed like a sissy so my wife had planned this.


When watching as normal now I was called over and whilst helping her sucking and licking the guys cock she ordered me to suck him deep and I knew he was getting near to cumming as he shot all his load down my throat making me gag a little and I was just about to pull up when my wife placed her hand on my head, pushing it all the way down forcing me to swallow all his cum, that was the first time I swallowed another mans cum

Forced Sissy Cuckold

After doing it once my wife knew I would do again, and again and now she was setting herself more extremes to push her new sissy cuckold. She loved the total humiliation over me but little did I know she had more lined up and had the males ready to use me, whilst she took pleasure in watching.


My first anal was with a guy that thankfully wasn’t as big as most of her lovers, maybe she did this so my first sissy cuckold fucking wouldn’t be too painful, I’m not sure. But this day she told me to dress in my sissy outfit and be ready to entertain.


Her plan continued and whilst having sex she ordered me take my knickers off and pull my ass apart as she moved away from her lover and I could hear him moving towards me, till I felt something pushing against my now “sissy hole” my wife calls it..

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