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We live in Aston, Manchester and I’ve been a Manchester hotwife for a few years starting out fucking guys in Swingers clubs, now meeting guys via here and we’ve had some fun, but nothing like the time that I was fucked by 2 black guys.


Ken my husband knows I’ve got a thing for black guys or more so guys with huge cocks, but I’ve never had sex with a black guy, that was until now. It was one night whilst I was out with friends that Ken was looking around the site and saw this profile from a BLACK guy, so sent him a message, also asking if he had a friend to bring along.


It was a Friday night and after having something to eat Will I went for a shower and then Ken suggested I wear something sexy, not that I need any encouraging, but I guessed something was going on, so feeling frisky put a VERY short skirt and no knickers

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I heard the door going and Ken inviting someone in, when I came downstairs to join them I was totally taken back by 2 young black guys that were sat in the room with what looked like a very large G&T, we all started chatting and a few drinks later I started getting flirty opening my legs and making sure he got an eyeful of my shaven pussy.


Soon the subject got onto SEX as I guessed what was going on, and thats when John said couldn’t get over the message Ken had sent about your love for SEX with black guys and asking me to bring a friend.


His friend called Mark, also said he loved mature women and with that Will suggested we finish our drinks and head to the bedroom, and we all headed upstairs with Mark running his hands up my skirt and finding my pussy

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As soon as we got into the room I sat on the edge of the bed with the Mark & John either side, I raised my hands and started to rub their cocks although both were already hard and MASSIVE.. By now Ken sat in the corner watching


Mark was the first one to open his jeans closely followed by John and getting their huge black cocks out and was wondering how my mouth and pussy with open around it. Looking at Mark I took hold of his first and started sucking him, while John was wanking.


Not to miss him out, I started sucking him and was rewarded with some sweet pre cum that I teased showing Ken before licking and swallowing it. I then took turns between each guy kissing, sucking and licking each cock, with Ken watching, although now also had his jeans off rubbing and wanking.


I looked over occasionally whilst my mouth was full of black cock, then standing up Mark lifted my top off and removed my bra, I moved onto the bed and whilst doing so John removed my skirt with me naked on the bed with two black guys and me showing off a VERY wet fanny.


Mark moved closer to me and straight away pushed his cock into my open mouth and I started sucking him, John was now licking my pussy forcing his long black tongue deep into my wet pussy. He then moved up and with me still sucking Mark got into position and slipped his hard cock into my soaking pussy and started straight away fucking me hard slapping his full balls against my pussy. Mark pulled out and was watching, then quickly returned his beautiful black cock and both guys were fucking me at the same time either ends.


Mark swapped positions and I was now sucking John off and both of them over the next 30 minutes were fucking me in different positions John was the first to cum inside my pussy and was such a heavy load that he started to trickle out when he removed his cock, then Mark fucked me hard and came loads inside me.


All the time my little Cuckold was watching, and he knew when the guys had finished it would be his job to clean out all the cum from my pussy like a good boy, after that they left and Ken licked more cum from me, I then let him fuck me. The next day I could hardly walk thanks to my black bulls and a bit of a fucking from my cuck

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