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Sex Wearing Tights

I’m not sure when just wearing tights as a normal bit of clothing turned into a fetish / sexual turn on or as my girlfriends in the US call them pantyhose, why? But that’s another blog LOL.. I suppose it didn’t start out as a fetish wearing thick school tights every day to school, but sometime around my late teens I found it myself getting aroused, more so if I didn’t wear knickers and the gusset of the tights would be against my pussy..


Although explaining to my mum did mean washing my own tights as they were often stained with my juices from getting so turned on not wearing knickers and tights. Moving on just a few years and one marriage I was fully embracing my passion for sex in tights, and I suppose before getting married I should have made sure my husband enjoyed my passion for basically getting FUCKED in tights.


Being single I was able to enjoy wearing all types of nylons, tights, stockings even exploring wearing FF Stockings, but my passion kept pulling me back towards tights more so with no knickers and meeting up with others that shared this

Pantyhose SEX

Swingers’ personals or adult sex sites really came along just at the right time and after posting up a few photos (see my personals advert for those) I soon started getting messages from guys that shared my love. Mark was my first, a married guy around my age, slim and more importantly loved women wearing tights for SEX.


The first time we I was wearing a short tartan skirt, white top with black tights and of course no knickers. We both knew what we wanted as we had been sending messages and I wasn’t interested in dating or going for drinks I just wanted SEX.


We went straight into the bedroom and lying on the bed Mark put his hand under my skirt and started to rub my pussy through my pantyhose, with his hand going across the gusset of my tights rubbing against my pussy was sending waves of pleasure though my body and pushing against my nylon wrapped up pussy and moaning out I pushed harder against Marks hand.


My tights were getting soaked wet with my juices, and I needed to feel Mark inside me so telling him to stand up I wanted to watch him stripping then look at his hard cock that was going to fuck me..

Stripped Mark Naked

Getting back onto the bed he pushed my back and laying on top of me I could feel his cock pushing against the gusset of my tights, pushing hard against my pussy lips making me even more excited knowing he was so close. Moving my hand down I made a small hole in the gusset, then told him to FUCK me.


Moving the tip of his cock against the gusset his cock slipped inside, then I wrapped my legs around him I pulled him deep into me, knowing full well he was loving the feeling of my tights wrapped around his back, pulling him further inside me.


He was fucking me hard and I quickly came because I so needed it so and Mark was tensing up and fucking me and just before cumming he pulled out wanking all over the tights and pussy which I rubber into my pussy pushing fingers deep inside my pussy, then rubbing into the gusset of my tights, my pussy that was covered in his cum.


That was our first, and shortly afterwards he went away with work, but I soon started getting messages from guys, more so when showing a photo with my ripped open tights and cum stain

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