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We are Sid & Donna from Basildon and for some years now we’ve been into the Essex Cuckold Swingers scene meeting guys. Although recently we’ve taken this outdoors meeting at safe locations, if we can find them.


My Cuckold Husband does love watching, although sometimes I will meet males alone and return telling him, or showing my cum filled pussy, or guys cum all over my knickers and stockings.


We’ve recently taken our cuckold meets to another level with him offering Cuckold Clean Up, but for this I need to take on a more dominant hotwife role ordering him to lick cum from my stockings, maybe sometimes pussy if a bareback meet.


This one night I was feeling very horny and wanted to pay and told my Cuckold to find me a man as I wanted to be fucked bareback outdoors tonight, if a good boy I would let him have my cum filled knickers and clean with his tongue.

Basildon Cuckold

Whilst he was looking around the personals and sending messages I went and had a shower getting ready for some SEX… I had just got out of the shower when Sid came in showing me this guys personals and he was on the road driving back and could meet up on a quite part of the A127 Basildon near a layby…so we arranged a time.


Wanting to look slutty I got my short skirt that only should be worn in the bedroom as it barely covers my bottom…prefect! With stockings and black crutchlees knickers. Walking into the room I told Sid he could wait in the car and afterwards will show him my cum filled pussy that he will clean “Of course Donna” he responded…


Getting into the car I sat in the rear of the car and made sure that Sid could see right up my skirt and my shaven pussy showing..” thats not for you, I want to be fucked well before you get the play with my pussy”

A127 Bareback Cuckold

Heading down the road we were looking for his lorry and saw it parked up on the layby and he left enough space so that we could park in front. “He knows you want bareback sex” opening the car I walk over, and the guy gets out and steps down.


He was much younger than me, slim and just right. He walks up with Sid watching from the car and kisses me full on and straight away moves his hand under my skirt and quickly works out I’m wearing crotchless knickers and starts to finger me with Sid watching.


He opened his door and stepping into truck he got a clear view of my ass and pussy, and then with a helping hand on my bottom pushes me all the way up and into his cabin. There wasn’t much room, but enough to have SEX…

Fucked Outdoors

He didn’t waste any time stripping off, dropping his jeans and t-shirt he had no pants on and already getting hard, I moved my head over started sucking his cock. I can see why my Cuckold picked him as he had a thick penis, but it was the girth that i impressed me as he was so thick, and just sucking him I struggled to open my mouth wide enough.


Almost straight away he started to pound and fuck my mouth making me gag, which turned him on even more.. He was fucking me hard and rough when he stopped…” you are happy about bareback sex” YES I said I want my cuckold to lick it from me when i get home.


He asked if I wanted to remove my knickers and I told him “NO” I want cum strained knickers for my cuck to clean. Turning around in the cabin, I looked behind looking at his thick cock and thinking I was glad I was so wet. Coming up behind I felt the tip of his cock against my pussy, then I pushed hard back “Fuck me, you dirty bitch” “Fuck me hard and make sure I get all your cum” with that he pushed my head into pillow

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