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Anal Confession

You gotta love an Essex girl, least if not why the fuck are you here LOL..I LOVE sex and now that I’ve discovered Anal LOVE being fucked up behind…Is Anal sex the best, in one word: hell yes, ok that’s 2 but I bloody love it!


I was a bit of late starter to Anal sex, as my now “x” husband idea of sex was once a month to keep me quite with lights out and a quick fuck and cum, for him then a peck on the lips and sleep, now my sexy life is a lot more adventurous, even more so after joining a sex site!


My anal adventures started a few years ago, not too long after leaving my husband and whilst at first I wasn’t sure afterwards and during I loved everything about it with the pain of feeling someones cock slipping inside me to pure anal pleasure.


Unlike being fucked in your pussy you get a far more feeling of being submissive knowing you are at the mercy of a man behind you combined with the kinky nature knowing someone is going to fuck you in the ass and the thoughts with him feeling his cock deep inside my ass.

My First Anal

Once I’d tried it once it surpassed everything I thought it would be like and was far better than anything I had done before, least sexually and took me down a road of exploring new anal fucking pleasures with wonderful and prolonged orgasm during and after.


My only confession and like it or not but I do prefer sex without a condom, if that makes you nod your head in discuss, then I suggest you stop reading my blog and look at another, but if like me you understand the pleasures of feeling a man cumming inside you, you will understand, combine that with cumming inside your ass its fucking amazing.


My first Anal sex was in the classic doggy position, yes I know some would say a bit boring, but it was my first with my head down and ass well and truly up in the air waiting to be fucked.. The first time feeling a guy cum in my ass literally took me over the edge cumming like crazy as i was rubbing my clit whilst being fucked

Casual Anal Sex

My first anal was with my boyfriend as I did trust him not to push too much and take his time. We would talk about anal often afterwards and would send texts about things we wanted to try, it was almost like having sex for the first time…I suppose in a way it was for me and him anal first time sex.


Bareback anal is a big one for me with the feeling of another guy cumming inside is an amazing experience so much so I started to cum without being touched culminating in huge orgasms from us both.


After he came inside me pulling out I would feel myself feeling so open and then his cum would trickle out from my pussy, sometimes being able to see in the mirror as his creampie ozzed from my well fucked ass.


Walking to the bathroom afterwards I would feel his cum slowly leaking from me, running down my legs as I walked to the bathroom feeling my butt cheeks with his cum lubricating them as I walked… YES I love Anal as I’m sure you gathered from my blog, if you want to meet message me, or just keep reading my other postings around my fav subject getting anal fucked!

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