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I live in King’s Lynn and being a slightly mature woman, I LOVE sex with younger males, so Norfolk cougar hunters bring it on…. Although the last experience I had with a young guy pushed me to new limits I’d never considered, but now want more….fancy fisting cougar? Read and message me.


This is a true story, and before you look NO I don’t have any photos showing me being fisted in my personals ad, but I do have some for private viewing, if I like you. This was my first fist fucking experienced at the fine age off….. not telling


I joined the site for basically casual sex as I before I was married and a seriously under fucked mature woman, now I am making up for lost time. This guy Peter sent me a message and we got chatting, seemed nice and about 15 years younger than me …perfect


We met at a restaurant and after a meal, drinks, I offered him to come back to mine, which we both knew what that meant. Getting to my house we headed straight to the bedroom and didn’t hold back kissing touching, and finding out way around so to speak, within a few minutes of this we were both naked and I was enjoying playing and teasing with my young lover..

Fist First Time

Peter started running his hands over my body teasing my nipples but quickly got to my shaved pussy and slipped a finger into me, finger fucking me moving in and out, then after a few moments another slipped inside as I was now getting much wetter thrusting hard and opening his fingers as he did as I moaned out loudly “use another finger”


Peter looked towards me as the third finger and quickly found my g-spot rubbing with his thumb over my swollen clit, I was now so wet it was almost dripping from me . Then he says “How about we see how many fingers you can take” reaching over to the cupboard I pass Peter a small bottle of lube “try this I use it when using toys”


Opening it he gets his fingers nice and slippery, then straight away slips three fingers deep back inside “don’t stop I want more” then puts a fourth finger, and slowly fucks my pussy rubbing my clit with his thumb, I’m now soaking wet with pussy juices dripping between my ass checks.

Fist Fucked Mature Woman

“ you want another” with that I just smiled as I have never had 5 fingers inside and the sheer pleasure was taking me over the edge and felt so dirty knowing how deep inside he was, getting the lube bottle put some around his thumb and hand and tucking his thumb started to slowly push into my pussy that was now so hot.


He was pushing so hard I felt like a real cougar slut knowing what was being done to me, but he was stopping at the knuckles, and I wanted MORE.. then pushing my pelvis against his hand I gasped in pain and pleasure as I felt his hand slide fully inside me, I looked to see his hand fully inside my pussy right to the wrist.


“Fuck yes!” fuck me hard, and as he pushed and pulled back a little and started to pump my pussy I felt myself cumming which was something like never before and I almost shouted out as I came so hard. Peter then turned his hand inside me and slowly pull from me, leaving me gaping wide, as he moved his head between my legs licking deep inside my pussy.


Pulling him towards me he laid on top and his cock slipped inside as we kissed and fucked followed by loads more dirty sex ..That was my first time being fisted, but not my last as I love it….more so now if I love it when a guy fisting me slips a finger into my anus and recently enjoyed a fisting and 2 fingers inside my ass…wanna meet and fist fuck me

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