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OK it’s a Saturday night and I’m alone, hubby has gone away for a long weekend with the guys and fuck knows what they will get up too, so I’m left alone to my own devices. We’ve been members for a few months and mostly meet males as he likes to watch, we both love the sex in public.


I’ve been described as a bit of a cougar, which I don’t mind when you look at what a Cougar is, it ticks all my boxes and I’m very sexually active, meet single men for SEX and don’t mind taking on a dominant role in the bedroom, just don’t ask me to spank you.


I’d had a shower and decided to get dressed in something sexy just to make me feel better, so black thong, matching bra, low blouse that just shows enough to tease and black leather trousers.

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I decided to head to the local and driving into the carpark pulled up and was just reapplying my makeup when this guy knocks at the driver window, nearly making me piss myself with shock, after getting over I opened the window and this cute young guy was standing there and it was all I could do but not stare at the bulge in his jeans!


We got chatting and I told him he could buy me a drink for giving me should a fucking shock! so headed in. We chatted for a while over some drinks but often his hand would touch my leg and I didn’t stop him. I could see he was turned on, so I suggested we went somewhere more private.


I got into his car and went to this quiet car park close by the woods that I knew was a Dogging location as I had been here before. Some cars were already parked up “so you bought me dogging location” he smiled back removing his seatbelt.

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I moved forward rubbing his cock that was now growing and he kissed me whilst I was undoing his trousers, his hand was now between my legs rubbing me and I could feel myself getting soaking wet and wanted him..


I knew with these leather trousers it was going to be a pain, so I suggested we get out of the car as it was a warm night and getting my lips around his cock was on my mind, maybe even fucking him.


We got out and with his back against the car and kneeling in front of him opened his jeans to see his enormous cock, with some precum ready to lick off so without holding back started to suck him taking as possible down my throat.

Cougar Fucked Public

I was sucking him and taking him fully back and from the sounds he was making was loving my oral skills which are amazing, pulling back a little as I didn’t want to have his coming least yet, I stood up and opening my trousers and ordered him to FUCK ME now.


His hand was inside my trousers, straight into my thong and quickly was playing with my soaking wet pussy, “ fuck me” I ordered, pulling his hand out I turned around and he pulled my trousers down and I placed both hands on the car.


I felt the tip of his cock against me and pushing back he slipped deep inside and stated to pound his cock into me, he was fucking me so hard the car was moving around and then looking over so another watching. I waved him over and once standing next to me he got his cock out and was wanking him

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