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Why did I join a Swingers site…I’m a single female living in sunny old Portmouth, Hampshire and I was getting bored. Many moons ago I used to use the Victoria swingers club (yes I’m that old) although that’s long closed, but I still have found memories of getting up to all kinds of naughty things….that I want to repeat.


I’ve had a few boyfriends, even one husband, but if I’m honest I get quickly fed up with them as I like my own free space, being able to meet who I want, and do anything with …and I mean anything.


I’m bisexual and happy meeting any sex but my passion is anal sex, I LOVE it and with both males and females, with both having the same hole I can explore and have fun, assuming they are game…


My passion is analingis, also known as rimming, rim job, eating ass, or tossing the salad, plus I’m sure some others I’ve not heard, I just love kissing, licking or just poking my tongue into the sexy anus male or female… so long as clean and not smelly!!

Females & Analingis.

When I say I like it means I’m the one doing the rimming, and this is where many men end up running in the other direction, maybe for them they think its too gay, but if they tried it I’m sure they would enjoy the sensations.


Joining the site, I made it very clear that analingis is a passion…a need, a drug to get my tongue deep into places others won’t and whilst many females contacted me and we had some fun it seemed at least at first guys didn’t, that was until Jon sent me a message.


He was around my age, slim and no great surprise bi, maybe one reason he liked rimming! But we got on well sending messages back and forward and it was clear like me he wasn’t looking for anything serious just SEX … great let’s meet and FUCK

Women Rimming Men

We agreed to meet in a Portsmouth bar close to my flat just to be safe. Getting there Jon was already at the bar so we got drinks and sat down chatting and got on well…Several glasses later I suggested we headed back to mine.


Once inside we didn’t waste time and almost as soon as the door was closed Jon put his hands around me pulling me towards him and we kissed with our tongues swapping and straight away I could feel his hard cock pushing against me.


I dropped to my knees and opened his jeans, pulled his pants down and started sucking him and playing with his balls. I was licking his shaft and taking him all the way down my throat as he started to fuck my mouth

Rimmed Him...Raw

I pulled his cock from my mouth and turning him around I wanted him right there and now. Kneeling in the hallway still he turned around and bending over I pulled his cheeks wide apart showing his anus waiting for my tongue.


I moved my face and licked his crack from his balls over his anus and back down making him groan with pleasure. Moving my hands closer I pulled him wide apart and getting my tongue teased him just putting the tip of my tongue around his anus enjoying his sweet ring.


Wetting his anus I moved around and around teasing him and then moving and poking my tongue deep inside his ass and enjoying his anus. I was exploring deep inside him with my tong

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