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Husbands watching wives getting fucked at dogging locations is nothing new, couples have been meeting males at dogging sites for decades so that the cuckold can get his fix watching the wife having sex with strangers…its a lot easier and most will agree better.


Cuckold & dogging go hand in hand with couples and males seeking one thing thats to have sex meeting strangers outdoors, but in the past arranging cuckold dogging hookups did mean explaining to males just what’s on offer….now you can meet with everyone having a clear understanding that the husband wants to watch.


There is no doubt least in this Cuckold Husband mind just how horny it is watching your wife getting fucked, but combine that with meeting at public sex sites and it takes it to another level of submission

Public SEX

Whether you are new to Cuckold hookups or Dogging the process of arranging dates has changed mostly thanks to photo personals sites offering contacts, locations & helping others meet either males or couples.


In the past it was very hit’n’miss driving to car parks, waiting and hoping someone would pull in, then hoping that the guy or couple was up for some fun and last working on the assumption that it was cool the cuckold could watch!


I’m sure many had wasted nights, not finding a contact and just having some fun with their partners if a couple or some guy bashing one off alone wishing it was a hotwife wanking him or better still fucking her

Finding Cuck Dogging

Its not a case of where to find, such as searching for “Cuckold Dogging locations near me” on Google, its a simple case of joining and posting up a photo personal and start searching members looking for these types of hookups.


With the Cuckold & Dogging scene being so strong and active in the UK once you access the members section you wont be search for contacts for long and probably VERY near you…in fact just try the free link above and see whats on offer.


The link will show you all contacts not just Cuckold Dogging personals but it will give you a good idea whats on offer when you join, which you can do for free, more on that below

Arranging Hookups

Most will agree the only way to be sure of setting up Cuckold Dogging hookups is by prearranging meets; this way you know why you are meeting up and you don’t get any shocks when approaching a car at night.


The added advantage is you can set up safer locations knowing full well that you wont be destrubed by anyone either other dogging contacts or worse case the police.


But the huge advantage in arranging your own location using the private mail account members have is knowing you can tell each other just about the Dogging hookup you want.


Join us today and post up your personals, then start looking for other members and contacts near you. We offer members loads of features so they can quickly find contacts and send messages. Basical membership is FREE and its a great way to try before you buy.

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